Chaha Program


Name of the Project
Chaha Project
since June 2007
Supported by
LEPRA Society
Aims and Objectives
  • To improve care cind support services to children living with HIV/AIDS a affected by HIV/AIDS
  • Supportive environment for reduction of stigma and discrimination
  • Supportive environment for strengthening of civil society & institute capacity building
Target Area

Five mandals of Bhongir division

Target Group
HIV Positive people
  • As per the work plan we have reached 73 children
  • Under nutritional support children were provided with Dhalls, eggs and other food supplements.
  • Education support was provided to two children. The support was provided in the form of payment of the school fees for the children as they were very eager to study and have no money at all
  • Two children were provided with the Opportunistic Infection treatment by referring them to Area hospital Bhongir.

    Outreach of CAA/CLHA

    Total 24 CLHA and 49 CAA reached from June to September 07.

    Conduct baseline survey


    Base line survey was conducted in five villages : five mandals. Mapping of the services available CAA/CLHA was done and identified the resource gaps

    Nutritional support to children

    Provided nutritional support to 5 children

    Education support to children

    Provided educational support for 2 children

    Referrals for OIs and ART


    One CLHA refer to ART Center (Gandhi Hospital Hyd.) And tow CLHA referred for OI treatment



    15 CAA and 16 CLHA families were give counseling.

    Community Sensitization meetings <

    Sensitization meetings conducted with parents and other stakeholders

    Recruitment of Staffs

    Project Coordinator/ Counselor, Accountant ORWs were recruited.

    Project Coordinator was trained on 27 th August 1 st September 2007 on various aspects of pr implementation

    Capacity Building

    Review Meetings

    Weekly staff meetings were conducted ar Monthly program review meeting was conducted by Chief functionary of the organization

Beneficiaries/ Out come of the Project

As this is the new program to PEACE and even to the Staffs of CHAHA project (working with children affected/effected by HIV/AIDS) we have learned the following lessons

  • Reaching the CAA/CLHA and providing the care and support services is not at all easy with out a structured referral system, established linkages and dedicated team work by the staffs
  • To work with / provide services to CAA/CLHA needs much rapport building in the initial stages with the parents and other stakeholders

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