Comprehensive Land Development Program


Name of the Project
Comprehensive Land Development Program (CLDP)
Aims and Objectives

To Improve the access and Availability of Various financial needs of the rural Poor women through promote the livelihoods and improve the income and economic security of the poor women.

Target Area
  • Nalgonda and Medak districts of Andhra Pradesh covering more than 100 villages.
  • Bommala Ramaram Mandal of Nalgonda District
Target Group
Poor Women of the Medak and Nalgonda Districts
  • PEACE approached SC communities before implementation of this project two days we have discussed about the programme ,md process of implementation through formation of CIG after several discussions. We have initiated the CIG to open the bank account in Nagarjuna Grameena Bank Maryala
  • Efforts in Naginenipally Village

    During the early monsoon of 2005 we have speed up the land development activities at Naginenipally village. The land is there in survey no.352 to the extent of area of 32 acres and the total beneficiaries include thirty.

    The following steps involved in land development:

    1. Removal of Bushes (Lantana) and Jully Flora was removed.

    2. Big boulders removed from the field.

    3. First two rounds of deep summer ploughing undertaken in the entire 32 acres field.

    4. Whatever available loose soil used for compartmental bunding.

    5. Second time two rounds of deep ploughing under taken for sowing purpose.

    6. During September 2005 we have sowed the caster Kranthi variety. Due to the October rains the crop was come up very well. 70 quintal of caster was harvest during the first year itself.

    7. All the bunds are covered with stylo hamata crops for strengthening the bunds.

  • NPM Practices

  • Efforts at Solipet Village
    Proposals for drilling of Bore wells
  • Efforts at Maryala Village
    In Maryala village PEACE has undertaken 25 acres of under RIDF X. Under this two blocks were under taken for development. Most of these two blocks are full of Julie flora covered. After removal of this we have undertaken deep ploughing and sowed the caster Kranthi variety in 13 acre During the October there was a wide spread of semilooper pest attack in this field. Instead of chemical pesticides we have opted for NPM options in this plot. NPM methods like using the extract of vitex nigundi and mechanical killing of caterpillars. The farmers collected the 50 kgs of vitex nigundi leaves and prepared the solution and sprayed on the crop. That saved the crop and healthy plant growth was took place and bigger caterpillars are manually killed by the farmers. So that we have saved the entire crop. This is also one of the successful sites in terms of crop production aspects.

    For the block one in Maryala after removal of Julie flora, we have renovated the old bore well and supplied electric pump set. Two times paddy crop was harvested from the plot.

  • Yadagirigutta & Rajapet mandal

    In Yadagirigutta mandal the CLDP program under RIDF IX was implemented by DWMA MDT Bhongir and velugu DPM was looking after the Rajapet mandal in the year 2005-06. PEACE was allotted these two mandals in the late secondyear. PEACE thoroughly made field visits to all the CLDP blocks under RIDF IX and X and examined the feasibility of land development programs in the villages.

  • Yadagirigutta mandal Choller was identified as one of the model site for comprehensive land development and alternate land use systems. During 2006- 07 Julie Flora was removed and deep summer ploughing completed. This site has a combination of block cotton soil and alkaline. The alkaline sites were not at all suitable for any cultivation. The total site is around 23 acres. We have cultivated castor and pigeon pea in these fields. The soil texture was not suitable for inter cultivation due to the seepage problem. So farmers were able to harvest only pigeon pea.

  • Masaipet village of Yadagirigutta mandal

    the CLDP site is all along the road side. It is good for promotion of horticulture or paddy cultivation. The site requires contour bunding as the top soil was highly eroded. We have constructed a percolation tank on the upstream side. Deep summer ploughing was also undertaken in entire site. On farmers request we have supplied two electric pump sets for horticulture promotion and paddy cultivation. Lot of work is pending for next season.

  • In Rajapet mandal after feasibility study we have concentrated in three villages namely Singaram, Basanthapur and Jaala villages. In Singaram block one and two after removal of bushes and boulders we have undertaken deep ploughing. PEACE supplied castor Kranthi seed and maize pioneer variety 30V92. The maize growth was good but during the months of July and August there was long dry spell thereby maize yield was gone down. But farmers were able to harvest castor and pigeon pea in both the sites. Similarly in Jaala village also castor Kranthi seed supplied, farmers were able to harvest even in the drought. In Basanthapur village we have supplied pioneer seed. In this site also crop was failed due to alkaline soils and seepage problems
Beneficiaries/ Out come of the Project
  Sustainable Agriculture  
  Panchayat Raj  
  Chaha Project