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During the 1990s, PEACE promoted new grass root NGOs under the umbrella of Deccan Development NGOs Network. The present network are nurtured by PEACE and capacitated to lead their independent organizations. It was felt that there was a need of collective efforts in facilitating the child rights campaigns. PEACE together shouldered the responsibility of Campaign Against Child Labour (CACL AP) for more than a decade.

Similarly we have been in to thrift and credit activities through organizing rural poor women into self help groups and mutually aided cooperative societies since 1993 with the inspiration and support of OXFAM India Trust and CWS secunderabad. Our strength resembles through 10 self sustained and well managed Mutually Aided Cooperative Thrift societies that spread over 200 villages of Nalgonda, Medak Warangal districts of Telangana region of AP. And the total outreach of the network is 30000 rural women.

Similarly the network has been taking up the natural resources management (NRM) activities like implementation of DPAP,IGWDP&RIDF VI watersheds and practice of sustainable agriculture methods on the basis of integrated watershed development approach.

The partner NGOs became lead NGOs in certain fields like, PILUPU is a resource organization in the field of community organization & participatory rural appraisals. Similarly GMM is very strong in advocating the gender issues, similarly the PEACE is strong in NRM based activities and; a resource organization especially in the field of agriculture and livestock. Similarly each organization has become an expert in different rural development programmes in their own way.

In future the network would evolve stronger, impart leadership skills and facilitate linkages between resource agencies and partner NGOs. Network will continue to capacitate the new NGOs, advocate with policy maker/administrators on various developmental issues and leads the campaigns for the lead campaigns for ensuring the safe environment, promoting sustainable livelihoods ensuring sage environment & child rights.

I sincerely thank center for world solidarity secunderabad, ASW Germany, OXFAM India Trust, District Collector Nalgonda, DWMA Nalgonda, WASSAN, Andhra Pradesh Netherlands Biotechnology program and ASM-Plan Suryapet for the continuous support to the Network. And I thank all the network partners for their continuous efforts in rural development and strengthening of the network


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