Natural Resource Management


Name of the Project
Natural Resource Management
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Aims and Objectives
  • To develop Natural resource Management
  • To understand them about the Agro Forestry


Target Area

Choller village of Bhongir Mandal

Target Group
  • Farmers Exposure Visit
  • Farmer's Nursery
  • Feeder Channel Repairing
  • Farmers Trainning
  • Repair and Restoration of Devathala cheruvu
  • Procurement of Mango Seed Lings
  • Production of Organic Fertilizer
  • Anti GM Protest Day on 9th april 2007
  • Conducted Rallies and Public Meetings
  • Mr. Janardhan from PILUPU explained about the NPM methods. We have to say no to chemical agriculture. We have alternatives in out own traditional agriculture practices. A woman farmer from Veera Reddy Pally village shared her NPM experiences in cotton and how she has got good yield with out using any pesticides.
Beneficiaries/ Out come of the Project
  • farmers from Sekinder Nagar village Marraiah shared their experiences how B.T. cotton spoiled with root cotton disease. B.T. producing companies are minting money by saying that B.T could yield more, but B.T. farmer's also spraying pesticides. After removing B.T. crop Sekinder nagar farmers resowned the coriander and they got very minimal production during Rabi season as the BT cotton affected the land fertility also.
  • K. Mallaiah a farmer from Choller village told that they trying to adopt NPM methods and reduced the chemical fertilizers utilization
  • The farmers are now engaged in the Natural Resource Management after this programme


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