Training of Panchayat raj initiatives  
Name of the Project
Training of Panchayat raj Initiatives
April 06 to June 06
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Aims and Objectives
  • Strengthening of the panchayat raj system
  • Train the sarpanches of the model panchayats to serve better
Target Area Problems of the villages discussed
  • Gollapalli Village: In this village total eradication on child labour, provision of safe drinking water, proper drainage systems, construction of RCC roads, old age pensions, disabled pensions, link roads and construction of check dams.
  • Tigul Narasapur village: Provision of Bus facility, redistribution of ration cards and various other developmental issue Programmes.
  • Thimmapur Village: Construction of compound wall to school premises, construction of Anganwadi building, stoppage of girl child marriages and issue of 100% birth registration certificates.
  • Itykyala Village: Repair and restoration of tanks and maintenance of total sanitation.
  • Baswapur village: 100% sanitation, street lights, construction of check dams, bus facility and construction of Anganwadi centre,
Target Group
Sarpanches of the Model Panchayats
  • Conducting regular monthly GP meetings.

    Ensuring ward members participation in monthly GP meetings.
  • Discussion on local developmental issues and how to resolve those
  • Mobilizing people to participate in Gram Sabha.
  • Forwarding the accounts statement in the Grama Sabha for ratification.
  • Maintenance essential records and books.
  • Collection of house taxes and water taxes.
  • training on history of GPs, evaluation of Panchayat raj system and how it is functioning

    Training to Sarpanches:

    On 28 th October 2006 we have invited Jagdevpur mandal sarpanches to the training programme. We have invited Mandal level Panchayat raj A.E and RWS A.E as resource persons to this training programme

    importance of Grama Sabha and developmental issues. Why sarpanches were blamed, what kind of mistakes are observed, how to overcome technical problems while implementing various developmental programme, how to uphold the sarpanches image in the general public were the issues focused. We asked them to adopt listening skills patently. People are expecting some justice from sarpanches. This is possible only he/she available to people. Pay their attention those who are in need of his help. While selecting the beneficiaries' sarpanches should be impartial and should not take one side and give priority to their ward members by involving them. And should think of what is people general consensus.

Beneficiaries/ Out come of the Project
The project has helped the sarpanches to learn more about the panchayat raj system and how they can serve better to the people their respective panchayats

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