Baxter of California

Baxter of California

Baxter of California Hydro Salve Body Lotion 16oz

Baxter of California Hydro Salve Body Lotion 16oz

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Baxter of California Hard Cream Pomade 60ml

Baxter of California Hard Cream Pomade 60ml

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Baxter of California Shave Tonic 30ml

Baxter of California Shave Tonic 30ml

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Baxter of California

Baxter of California offers a curated collection of exceptional essentials for your hair, skin, and when shaving. These must-haves give you the power to unleash what makes you, you, and bring the best you forward. The Baxter of California grooming collection is designed to take you to the next level with its premium men's grooming products.

A man's favorite product should get the job done in the simplest manner yet in the most effective way. From products that keep your hair soft to deodorants that keep you fresh throughout the day, this company's assortment of men's body care items ensures that's possible by offering high performing, paraben-free, sulfate-free, natural ingredient formulas.

What's more, every product has been tried and tested at the award-winning Baxter Finley Barber + Shop in Los Angeles. The Baxter of California brand is the original expert in men's grooming in personal care and their products prove this!

Baxter through the years


Super Shade was introduced to the world by Baxter Finley because he was unable to find skin care products designed for men, this lead him to formulate his own.

During the 1970s

As the need grew for men's skin care products, the Baxter of California brand began to expand their line to hair care and shaving products.

2000 - The rebirth of hair pomades

Baxter of California launched its Clay Pomade which became one of its award-winning, top-selling hair care products. The company decided on further expansion by releasing candles with men in mind. This launch cemented the brand not only as a men's skin and hair care brand but as a men's lifestyle brand.


The strategy became the key to making Baxter of California a global marketplace for men's grooming products as the brand became partners with retailers and men's lifestyle boutiques.


The company dropped an aluminum-free deodorant which became another one of its best-selling products and launched Shave Tonic, which is a barber-tested and approved product.

2020- Today

Baxter of California's goal was to meet the needs and standards of gentlemen across the world by supplying premium quality products. Today that still is the objective, the company continues to formulate and produce high-quality products with advanced ingredients that help you feel great, look sharp, and "live life true"!

Customer Reviews

"I've been using Baxter's Daily Fortifying Shampoo for a few months now. It really works for me. I have an itchy scalp problem. I was using an over the counter shampoo for itchy scalp. It worked, but I could feel a buildup of product in my hair. But since I've been using Baxter's DFS along with the Daily Conditioner, I have had no itchy scalp problems. No build up. The scent is subtle, but there. I really like this product!" - Running Man 66, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Baxter of California owned by Loreal?

Yes, Loreal acquired the company in 2013.

Does the brand offer an SPF product?

Currently, they do not have an SPF product, however, be on the lookout for new products!

Where is Baxter of California made?

All Baxter of California products are made in the USA. Some tools are manufactured internationally like the chrome-plated safety razor (Germany), various 100% natural badger brushes (Germany), and premium handmade combs (Switzerland).

Is Baxter of California cruelty-free?

Baxter Of California does not do any testing on animals. 

Where can I purchase Baxter of California products?

Search our online page,, and shop for Baxter of California products here! We are a proud authorized retailer and we only sell the best authentic Baxter of California products on our site!

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