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Bio Ionic IonFixx  Hydrating Strengthener 5.2oz

Bio Ionic IonFixx Hydrating Strengthener 5.2oz

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Bio Ionic IonProtect Gel Protein 6oz

Bio Ionic IonProtect Gel Protein 6oz

Discontinued - Click for Replacement
Bio Ionic hair dryer and Bio Ionic Flat Irons can be purchased here with free shipping over $25. We are an authorized resleller of Bio Ionic Hair Products, so your products will be delivered fast and will be authentic. Bio Ionic hair straightening products have recently boomed in popularity, becuase they work so well! I use them in my hair every morning, if I need a straightened hair look, or even bouncy curls. Bio Ionic will not burn or damage your hair. Buy BioIonic fromSkincare By Alana BioIonic’s salon-exclusive, professional tools, haircare and straightening treatments contain a patented mineral blend called NanoIonic Complex that emits Natural Negative Ions & Far Infrared energy, which break-down water molecules for smooth, shiny & conditioned hair. Bio Ionic haircare products contain NanoIonic™ Complex (a blend of 32 natural-occurring minerals) that emits Natural Negative Ions in to the hair. Natural Negative Ion energy is powerful enough to break down clusters of water molecules into fine particles that penetrate the hair shaft, to re-hydrate, re-condition and restore moisture balance. After using the Bio Ionicproduct system, hair feels smooth, super-soft and looks silky-shiny.

Bio Ionic Curling Iron

Bio Ionic was created for stylists by a Stylist. Bio Ionicfounder and CEO Fernando Romero designs innovative products that deliver superior performance & quality for hair professionals worldwide. Fernando started his career at the prestigious Vidal Sassoon Salon in Beverly Hills, where he personally trained under Vidal Sassoon himself. Fernando has since created and conceptualized trend setting styles and trained thousands of professionals in cities around the world and created bio ionic hair dryer products. His hair designs have been featured in runway shows of the fashion greats, and has graced magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and more.


Bioionic Most Popular Products


Click here to check out the Bio Ionic One pass Products. Another most popular bio ionic straightener product is the bio ionic style winder. Bio Ionic makes some excellent hair product as well, that you can use stand alone, or to help your curling and straightening efforts  The bio ionic retex and bio ionic kerasmooth are the most popular hair care products made by Bio Ionic.

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